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Easter blessings to you and your community! We write today to celebrate the breaking of our fast. For many weeks this Lent we have journeyed together to pray, fast, and advocate for a moral budget. Our fasts have varied from person to person, but our common commitment provided a clear witness to our elected leaders during an important legislative season. Hunger Fast Press Conference Small

Our small group of fasters in the faith community (we started at about 5,000 people) inspired more than 30,000 activists from social organizations to join us, and helped spread the teachings of scripture far and wide. 

From “What Would Jesus Cut?” bracelets that we delivered to Congress, to a large ad in a daily Capitol Hill newspaper, plus weekly messages to senators and representatives – we showed up and kept urging members of Congress to weigh the moral cost of their budget decisions. Sojourners’ members published letters to the editor in dozens of papers across the country, made calls, and educated their churches.

Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, who fasted for four weeks as part of these efforts, shares his reflections on this journey and where we go from here:

This time of fasting was transformative for me. It was a reminder of the pain that so many in our country and world experience when they go hungry. They don’t get to end their “fast” at Easter. Most of all, I have been encouraged by all of those who have participated.

Injustice is too often perpetuated when good people just stand on the sidelines, or feel disempowered to act. The huge number of people who have joined in and added their own passion, creativity, and energy has only confirmed for me that these budget cuts and plans will not stand, nor the vision that lies behind them – a vision of a country where citizens do not take responsibility for each other and the common good is not our destiny.

Our work to speak out for “the least of these” in this budget process has only just begun. The FY 2012 budget plans that recently passed in the House show that this literal attack on the poor is getting worse. While sometimes the way seems long, this Lent has been spiritual preparation for a sustained political fight. (Read more of his remarks on our God’s Politics blog.)

What Would Jesus Cut bracelet?We pray that the fast has encouraged you, and that the Spirit of the Lord has inspired you in new ways as you work for the Kingdom. We’ll be in touch again soon, but for now we encourage you to celebrate and reflect on this experience.

In appreciation for your partnership,

Hannah, Andrew, Tim, Leah, Duane, Julie, Elizabeth, and all of us at Sojourners

P.S. This email is the final message for Prayer, Fasting, and Action campaign. To follow updates on the FY12 budget, visit us on the God's Politics Blog or Facebook. 

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