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Help us raise $10,000 by June 30 to hire a Women and Girls campaign associate today!

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We surveyed 1,000 Protestant pastors about domestic and sexual violence, and there are two things you need to know.

  • The majority of pastors say they lack adequate training to deal with domestic and sexual violence.
  • 8 in 10 say they would take action, if they had the training.

Last week at The Summit: World Change Through Faith and Justice, we released this information to 300 faith-based leaders, and they were fired up to make a difference. But we can’t do it without your help.

This data mandates us to act. We need to work with seminaries to train pastors in ways to address sexual and domestic violence in their congregations. We need to develop resources to help churches challenge current ways of thinking and develop skills to embrace and empower victims of abuse.

You can help us. We want to hire a Women and Girls campaign associate to take these ideas and turn them into action, but we are $10,000 short of our goal to make this possible. Make a donation today$10, $25, $100, $1,000, or anything you can give – to help us meet this goal by June 30! Your contribution will jumpstart the important work of addressing the issue of sexual violence in our congregations.

This is a conversation the church needs to be having but isn’t. We cannot remain silent when our sisters and brothers live under the threat of violence in their homes and communities. Our pastors and faith leaders are important partners in making this possible, and we want to be sure they have the support and resources necessary to speak out and act to end sexual and domestic violence.

Partner with us today by helping us hire a Women and Girls campaign associate to catalyze this important work.

With great hope,

Katie and the Sojourners Women and Girls Team

P.S. If you make a donation of any amount by June 30, we will send you a complimentary downloadable copy of our e-book I Believe You: Sexual Violence and the Church to help you begin this conversation in your own congregation.

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